Mar 2002



Minutes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors
at Runnymede Farm, Petite Riviere, NS
on 12th March 2002

Present: D. Bell. P. Bell, K. Dempsey, C. Gill, L. Macdonald, J. McHarg, J. Sewell, P. White, and invitee, B. Raymond The meeting was chaired, at the request of Chairman John Nichols, by Chris.

Gill-- who opened the meeting by asking Linda Macdonald to read the faxed text of a letter from Terry Durnavich, in which she conveyed her decision to resign/retire as Secretary of the Board. She explained that her reasons were many and varied, and she wished the Board well in its future efforts. It was understood her letter would be placed on file, and that the Chairman would communicate to her the Board's deep regrets. The question of a temporary replacement would be discussed at the next regular Board meeting.


1. Minutes of the meeting of February 12, 2002 Moved and adopted that the minutes, with one minor correction, be approved. (K. Dempsey, Jean McHarg)

2. Crescent Beach Action Plan The status of the Action Plan was reviewed. A decision on the principal funding by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) is still awaited. In the meantime, submissions have been made for various amounts of matching financial support to Michelin, Shell, Bowater, TD Bank, the Municipality, and Sport and Recreation. The two government departments with responsibilities at the Beach have also been approached. Clearly, additional funding submissions need to be developed. It was agreed that, once ACOA decisions are announced, the Board should hold a special meeting, with the presence and participation of interested members (at large), to refine the details of the various projects, and decide how the community should be consulted on the action program. It was noted that some further work is pending on the projects, as follows:

  • Crib: reassess the extent of needed repairs
  • Fencing: decide on what is really needed in terms of amount of fencing, its location, and parking areas
  • Toilets: number, type, and location
  • Recycling and refuse management: type, placement, and operational responsibilities, in consultation with Nita
  • Signs: content and placement

Scientific status report: working team from Board/membership to work with Dr. Loucks, need for summer student(?), and long-term involvement of Acadia Political representations: meetings with the Ministers of Natural Resources, and Transportation, should be organized, as well as a meeting with our own MLA.

3. History of Crescent Beach. It was noted that this new and interesting project is intimately linked to the need to consult with the community respecting the current Action Plan. Doug Bell then reviewed the historical material that he had developed, respecting the landowners of the area (prior to it being deeded to the Crown in 1951) and the interesting relationships between some of these owners and the community. Anne Greer will be planning interviews with some elders in the community respecting their recollections and stories about Crescent Beach, and will approach other members of the Board to form the visiting teams.

4. Next Regular Meeting: at Anne Greer's home, at 7:30, April 15.