Feb 2002



Minutes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors
at Runnymede Farm, Petite Riviere, NS
on 12th February 2002

Present: Douglas Bell, Peter Bell, Paul Corkum, Chris Gill, Anne Greer Directors).
Bruce Raymond, Jim White (Member visitors).
Regrets: Burpee Meisner, Gordon Prince

It was recorded that there was not a quorum but those members present decided to continue with the meeting and seek any necessary ratifications at a subsequent meeting.

1. Agenda.
a) Minutes of the meeting of 11 December 2001.
b) Matters arising from the minutes.
c) Update on the Old Shore Road.
d) Report on Crescent Beach.
e) New business.

1. Minutes of the meeting of 11th December 2001.
Motion: That the minutes be approved (Chris Gill, Anne Greer). Carried.

2. Matters Arising from the Minutes.
See Agenda items c) Update on the Old Shore Road, and d) Report on Crescent Beach.

3. Update on the Old Shore Road.
Chris Gill reported that the MacIntoshes had contacted the Sport and Recreation Commission, objecting to its support of Friends' "inaccurate" brochure on the Old Shore Road. It is Chris' understanding that Sport and Recreation has consulted the Department of Transportation and the commission has no intention of withdrawing their support.

Some members reported that other information concerning the Old Shore Road was in circulation locally but the Board agreed that the Department of Transportation would be approached only if such information were substantiated.

4. Report on Crescent Beach.
a) Funding: Following the estimates of the $150,000 needed to complete the work required to protect the beach and the dunes, funding has been sought. A submission to ACOA (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency) was made by the Municipality in November and Friends has made a submission to the TD Fund. In
addition, Friends has in progress submissions to Shell, Bowater, Michelin, and the Municipality. The budget estimates for fencing the road side of the dunes against motor vehicles may be revised as the post and cable method previously used by the Department of Transportation has been superseded by a newer, cheaper method.

b) Discussions with the Department of Transportation: Discussions have been held with Aubrey Martell, Area Director of the Department. When first approached with proposals for repair or renewal of the revetments on Crescent Beach and of the fencing protecting the dunes on the causeway side, the Department's preliminary response was that they did not have the money to undertake the proposals. Friends suggested that the Society would endeavour to raise the funds and that the Department should undertake the work. The Department's initial response was that they would prefer that Friends let the contracts and supervise the work.

Friends replied that it could not assume the role and supervise the work. The Department was reminded that they put up the revetments in the first place but that these were now deteriorating. In some places rusting spikes were exposed and posed a hazard on a public beach. Towards the end of the session with the
Department, there was some indication that possibly arrangements could be made for them (together with the Ministry of Natural Resources) to do the work. In the course of our discussions with the Department officials, we were given to understand that if Friends raised the funds but matters ran into internal departmental delays then some pressure should be brought at the political level. This could smooth the administrative path for the project.

c) Toilets at Crescent Beach: A separate meeting with Gerry Joudrey, Regional Director, MNR was held to discuss toilets and recycling facilities. Friends position is that it is preferable that the emptying and servicing of the toilets be carried out under the aegis of MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) in the course of the servicing at Risser's. It is not appropriate for Friends of Crescent Beach to assume day-to-day administration on MNR property and in any case Friends is not in a position to do so.

The Board agreed that some built toilet facilities were much preferred to portables. Peter Bell is to determine the position of the property lines at either end of Crescent Beach with a view to building toilet facilities and/or positioning recycling bins. Doug Bell is to look at the official survey and enquire about the width of the right of way of the road along the causeway behind Crescent Beach.

d) Recycling Bins/Unit: It was agreed that these need to be better than the ones currently used at Risser's and that there should be a facility at either end of Crescent Beach. In discussions with MNR the question arose of who would empty these facilities. Friends hoped and suggested that DNR would do so when they
were doing Risser's.

e) Fencing: With respect to the extent of the fencing (with the new D of T standard) to protect the dunes from the causeway side, it was agreed that there did not seem to be the need to fence the whole way and that we would decide upon what should be fenced when the funding picture is more clear.

f) Signs: The style, design, location, and subject matter of signs are to be further discussed. Linda MacDonald is to prepare proposals for the Board.

g) Revetment: Chris Gill and Bruce Raymond will monitor the condition of the dune protection on the beach side and reassess repair requirements.

h) Public Advocacy: Strategic relations at the political levels of the municipal and provincial governments are to managed by Tom Daley, Karen Dempsey, and Jim Sewell.

New Business.

5. History of Crescent Beach: The Board is very interested in the history of Crescent Beach; especially in the period before the Romkey family deeded the beach to the province. Board members supported the idea of one being written. Doug Bell has been doing research and writing on the subject already. Members were very interested to see copies of documents, some from before Confederation, which Doug kindly brought to the meeting. While it is envisaged that the writing of a history may be a long-term project, the Board recognizes the need to not delay in gathering oral history from older members of the community and seeking access to maps and charts, documentary and photographic resources. A preliminary list of community members to be approached was suggested. The initial co-ordination is to be worked out by Anne Greer.

6. Next Meetings.
The next regular meeting of the Board (Second Tuesday of the month) will be held on 12th March 2002 at 7.30pm at the Gills' house in Petite Riviere. An open working session of the Board, with John Nicols in attendance, is planned for Saturday 23rd March 2002 at 1pm, the meeting place to be determined.

7. Adjournment.
Thanks were expressed to the Gills for hosting the meeting.

Motion: That the meeting be adjourned (Peter Bell, Anne Greer). Carried.