Dec 2001



Minutes of December 11, 2001, Board of Directors Meeting.

In Attendance:

  • Doug Bell
  • Peter Bell
  • Paul Corkum
  • Tom Daley
  • Karen Dempsey
  • Terry Durnavich
  • Chris Gill
  • Anne Greer
  • Neiff Joseph
  • Linda MacDonald
  • Jean McHarg
  • Gordon Prince
  • Jim Sewell
  • Pete West


  • John Nichols
  • Burpee Meisner

The meeting was held at Ann Greer's home. In the absence of John Nichols, Chris Gill called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.

1. Agenda was approved with two additions on motion by Terry Durnavich, Karen Dempsey.

2. Karen asked for clarification in the November 15th minutes regarding the difference between the Crescent Beach and Co–Management committees. Chris explained that CB committee was a working committee putting together the fund-raising project. Terry Durnavich, seconded by Anne Greer, approved the minutes on a motion.


Anne reported on the Trails Workshop that she attended, which she found very interesting. A number of groups are co-operating to purchase equipment or to develop signage. They seem to “work in concert”. She explained Crescent Beach to the group as a natural trail.

Chris Gill reported on the CB funding proposal, which has been circulated in a draft form to the board members. The Municipality has made application to ACOA for funds that includes our request. The committee is fine-tuning its proposal to go to other interested parties should the grant from ACOA be received. Karen suggested that it would take two months for a response to be forth coming. Two sub committees have been formed. Jim Sewell reported that he and Burpee Meisner, Neiff Joseph had extensively researched that fencing for the back of the beach and made the recommendation contained in the proposal. The mid section is considered the most important. Discussion took place and consensus among the board members was that there need to be some layovers, not all of which need to have access to the beach side of the dunes, but, should be indirect, and natural path ways so as not to encourage wind blown paths. Paul Corkum expressed the concern that more armor rock is needed to supplement the existing rock. Terry Durnavich expressed the hope that wildlife paths would be respected. Linda MacDonald reported that a signage committee has also met and is drawing up plans for three signs to be placed at different sections of the beach. These would measure approximately 2&1/2’ x 3’ and be waist high. Atlantex, a company that made the signs for the Kedge Adjunct Park, would make them. The cost would be determined by the size etc.

Discussion ensued and suggestions were made that the board consider other sources of revenue should the targeted government departments refuse or limit funding. Partnerships with various foundations, or local corporations could be considered.

Terry Durnavich expressed concern that if FOCB “owns” garbage cans DNR may not budget to continue maintenance. Linda MacDonald suggested a couple of benches at the entrance parking lot would make it more users friendly. Jean McHarg suggested that these could be sponsored by local people as memorials.

There was consensus that a public meeting would be called when funding has been obtained and every effort made to have public input. Board members were encouraged to respond to Chris well in time for him to make adjustments to the proposal before the next meeting. Board members would then discuss specific points regarding further actions.

Bruce Raymond, Broad Cove, announced that he had about one hundred spruce trees which had been cut and could be placed in the dunes to assist in restoration. Chris will consult with Tom Daly, DNR, and the fire department, (in that order) to decide whether it is feasible to undertake a work party for this.

Jim Sewell reported that a 7-page newsletter is ready to go to print. Anne Greer will see to its distribution. A note to alert members who have not paid their dues will be inserted in the letter. It was suggested that a policy be developed that if a membership has lapsed for two years a name will be removed and no further mail will be sent. Thanks to Gordon Prince the membership list is now on a database, facilitating easy production of labels. Gordon and Burpee will work out a way to keep the membership list current.

Jean McHarg asked that the Board recommend to the Municipality the recognition of Nita Eisenhauer as an outstanding volunteer. The board agreed unanimously and Jean agreed to follow up on the recognition procedure.

Chris Gill asked that the board re-activate the request made last year by the board, concerning the survey of the Old Shore Road. He will draft a letter, to be reviewed and sent by John Nichols to the Department of Transport. Doug Bell reported that he had been contacted by the DOT surveyors office regarding aerial photographs and that no further survey ahs been done of the Sperry's Beach.

The next meeting will take place at the home of Chris Gill on Tuesday, January 8th at 7:30 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Peter Bell.