June 2001


Minutes of June 12, 2001 Board of Directors Meeting.

Held at the home of Graham and Joyce Richards, Crescent Beach.

In Attendance:

  • Doug Bell
  • Peter Bell
  • Sharri Bush
  • Karen Dempsey
  • Terry Durnavich
  • Burpee Meisner
  • John Nichols
  • Gordon Prince
  • Joyce Richards


  • Jean McHarg
  • Jim Sewell

Meeting called to order by Chair, Karen Dempsey at 7:40 p.m.  Motion to approve agenda items made by John Nichols, 2nd by Joyce Richards.  Motion passed. 

Business Arising:

Due to Karen Reinhardt's continuing absence from Board meetings, John Nichols agreed to review issues relating to the Friends' By-laws and By-law Committee with Harold Adams.  These issues to include Board members election procedures.

Karen Dempsey reported on liability insurance through RANS.  It was decided to table the issue until a future meeting.

Future action items for the Co-management Committee were discussed.  DNR & DOT's waffling on whether or not there should be a co-management agreement was discussed in detail.  Peter Bell moved that the Committee develop specific proposals to address parking on the marsh side of the beach to be presented to DNR and DOT.  Motion seconded by Burpee Meisner.  Motion passed. A Co-management committee meeting will be called before the AGM.  

An executive meeting will be called to plan the AGM and to tidy up correspondence and several outstanding items before the AGM.

Terry Durnavich reported on the Naturalist's Conference she attended the weekend of June 1. 

"The conference was a success from the organizers and the attendees points of view; the organizers were very pleased and impressed with our display and thanks go out to Burpee Meisner, Jim Sewell, Pete West, Peter Bell and Jean McHarg for the assistance on the display.  There were displays from several other organizations and have photographs of them all. I will Also attach a copy of the Agenda for information purposes.

"I wish to thank the Board for "sending" me; I had a great time, met very nice, dedicated and interesting people and "chatted up" our Society to all and sundry.

"The Kingsburg Conservancy group were pleased to meet me and to talk about our group; I feel the exposure was very positive for our Society."

Terry also reported that Nancy Brister mentioned to her at the Naturalist's Conference that she had offered land to Friends for parking at one time and that she had never received a response. Terry & Karen agreed to check previous minutes and documents for any information about this.

In Jean McHarg's absence, Gordon Prince presented her report on the Beach Sweep (click for details).  

Burpee Meisner gave a membership report.  From the drive of June 9 he reported 27 new members + 27 renewals.  He estimated there are now over 275 paid up members.

Terry Durnavich reported that a SLOW sign with a 25 km/h tab should be posted on Crescent Beach by late June. As of the writing of these minutes, a SLOW sign is now in place.

Karen Dempsey reported that she has been unable to contact Rosalind Penfound about the June 1 deadline for the Himmelmans to remove their fence blocking access to Sperry's Beach.

New Business:

John Nichols moved that the Friends utilize the same auditor that we did last year (Eunice West), as she has offered to do the work again on a volunteer basis.  Seconded by Sharri Bush.  Motion passed.

Terry moved the Board officially thank Jean for her work on the Beach Sweep.  

Terry also moved the Board thank Jim Sewell for his production efforts on the newsletter.

Sharri Bush reported on her nominating committee's results to date.  A discussion of possible candidates followed.

Karen Dempsey reviewed an agenda for the Annual General Meeting, which will be held August 18 at 10:00am at the Petite Riviere Fire Hall.  Karen suggested that a representative of the Champlain 2004 Society might want to speak at the meeting.  The consensus was that we would be glad to have them speak.  Karen will let them know and work out presentation details with them.

Doug Bell described his tour of the burial ground on the Himmelman property with a several members of the Champlain 2004 group.  

Peter Bell described dropping a marker at the estimated initial anchorage of Champlain for the Champlain 2004 group.

Letters from Stephen White (DOT) and J.D. MacIntosh regarding Potential Trail Development at Green Bay were discussed. Doug Bell agreed to draft a response to the proposed changes in public access and ownership of this property.

It was agreed that no Board meeting would be held in July.

Peter Bell moved the meeting be adjourned.