May 2001


Minutes of May 8, 2001 Board of Directors Meeting.

Held at the home of Graham and Joyce Richards, Crescent Beach.

In Attendance:

  • Peter Bell
  • Sharri Bush
  • Karen Dempsey
  • Terry Durnavich
  • Jean McHarg
  • Burpee Meisner
  • Graham Richards
  • Joyce Richards
  • Jim Sewell
  • Pete West 
  • Guest: Les Kakoni, RCMP Representative -- Neighborhood Watch Program


  • Doug Bell
  • Neiff Joseph
  • John Nichols
  • Gordon Prince
  • Karen Reinhardt 
  • Ron Reinhardt

Meeting called to order by Chair, Karen Dempsey at 7:35 p.m.  Agenda items added were: Membership Committee Report, Burpee Meisner; and report on Saltscapes Community Partnership Program, Sharri.  Motion to approve agenda items made by Burpee, 2nd by Peter Bell.  Unanimously carried. 

Guest speaker Les Kakoni informed us of the benefits of the Neighborhood Watch Program.  He explained the RCMP do not have enough resources to police communities; therefore, groups like this can be very beneficial in reducing crime in communities.  It was agreed that this would be a beneficial program.  Terry Durnavich brought up the concern about rise of thefts at Crescent Beach; it was agreed this program may reduce the risk of thefts.  However, it is was agreed that it is not the mandate of this Board to coordinate such a group.  The concern of speeding vehicle traffic on Crescent Beach was raised.  Kakoni suggested other beaches have had success in addressing issues with public awareness campaigns (i.e. educational brochure or educational billboard).  It was noted that a brochure has been discussed in the past and would be an excellent tool perhaps to work toward for next summer in conjunction with a summer student employment program.

Burpee Meisner moved the minutes be approved with the addition of the name Rosalind Penfound in Item #4; seconded by Pete West.  Motion carried unanimously.     

Business Arising from Old Business:        

Graham reported that in his opinion it is too late to get grant monies from Michelin and is too late to plant a garden.  He did acquire a "Ground Breaking Permit" from Department of Transportation.  There was discussion around beneficial plants for the beach which could be considered for a garden near the entrance of the beach, particularly to reduce traffic in and around the dunes and near the bike stand.  Sharri reported that the Co-management Committee members learned from DNR's Chris Trider that the sea-rocket and American Beach Grass are good plants which helps hold the sand and may be considered; also, Sharri has requested from Lise Bell to assist us with ideas on native plants that would be beneficial as well as how to create the garden in the most beneficial way for the beach.  Peter Bell reported that Lise is very busy at this time but would consider assisting in the effort as her time becomes available.  Rose bushes were mentioned as a good plant to deter intrusion on the dunes, although they have not proven to hold the sand, again according to Chris Trider.  The Board encouraged the idea of beneficial plants and agreed that the fall may be the best time to plant them; also it will provide time to consult with Ms. Bell and Bob Taylor of BIO.

Jean McHarg suggested that given the fact DNR may not have the funds to provide the porta potties for this season, the Michelin funds may be an avenue to provide them.  Costs for two portable toilets for the season June 9 to Labor Day is $1,400.00.    It was agreed we should go ahead and pursue the funds from Michelin for the proposed garden and/or porta potties.  However, Graham announced that he would not pursue the grant monies for the project and in fact, would not be continuing as a Board member for the friends.  Regrets for his resignation were shared.  No one offered to pursue the grant monies from Michelin.

Karen Dempsey and other committee members spoke about the outcome of the Co-management Committee meeting with Government representatives: Aubrey Martell, Ron Lawson and Chris Trider.  It seemed they discouraged the committee from the Co-management agreement and suggested our organization requires only a letter of understanding from their departments.  Chris Trider committed to arranging this.  Ron Lawson did point out that with our membership in excessive of 240, we are a group which is recognized by the Departments as representative of the community and will be listened to.  This was agreed to be favorable.  Also it was agreed that we only require a "Ground Breaking Permit" from DOT prior to doing work at Crescent Beach; and that DOT and DNR will share the permit so that we need not request approval from both departments.  Chris Trider committed to providing himself and Bob Taylor, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, to do an assessment of the beach in the near future.  He is to contact Karen Dempsey so all board members who wish to attend the assessment can be notified.  Sharri also noted that she has contacted Greg Corkum and Bernard Mailman, contractors, in an effort to have them donate armor rock and machine time to place them in weak areas of the beach.  It was recognized that it would be an expensive venture for any contractor but that if they were in the neighborhood excavating and needed a place to put the rock it's better they know our need than not; and they do understand to contact us.  Graham showed Mailman the areas of the beach which have been cause for concern for potential wash through.  It was noted that Chris Trider commented one has to be careful that any rock placed on the beach to protect wash through not have acid content.  There was discussion around concerns that Chris Trider has bias against our group and therefore, may not be fairly considering the most beneficial arrangement with our organization.  Therefore, there was discussion around perhaps making contact with Mr. Trider's supervisor.  Sharri recommended that the Friends write a letter to the Departments of our understanding of the outcome of the meeting, Karen agreed to do so.  Karen also agreed to look into contacting other parties in DNR in relation to our having been encouraged to pursue the co-management agreement in the first place and investigating possibilities of continuing dialog in this effort.

Jim Sewell reported that Karen Reinhardt is in Bosnia; therefore, Jim has agreed to complete the newsletter.  Deadline for submissions is May 12.  Sharri is to request from South Shore Pesticide Reduction Group to resubmit their article.  Jean McHarg suggested a recipe for Mussels which she will contribute.  Other ideas included: chairman's message, beach sweep article, membership committee report, update on the trail, annual general meeting, website address, advertisement for hasty notes, notice of AGM and article re: Naturalist's Conference.

Jean McHarg moved that we table the by-law committee in Karen Reinhardt' s absence, seconded by Sharri Bush.  Motion unanimously carried.

Terry Durnavich  that Gordon Prince has a means for us to make up labels and create permanent membership list for mail outs to members.  Jim and Burpee agreed to look at how to do up the labels for the newsletter mail out and enabling us to do other things as well.

Karen Dempsey shared that the Recreation Association of Nova Scotia's membership provides a liability insurance coverage for non-profit groups like ours.  We have discussed this in the past.  It was agreed that Karen will send the brochure to Harold Adams for consideration of the effectiveness of the coverage.  Jean McHarg moved that funds be allocated for acquisition of the membership/insurance if Harold Adams is satisfied with the coverage.  Seconded by Terry Durnavich.  Motion unanimously carried.

Jim Sewell showed us the lovely hasty notes he has arranged as a fund-raising venture.  It was agreed they shall be sold in packages of 5 for $5.00.  Sharri will pursue to they can be sold at the Petite School Fair as a fund-raise for the Friends.  Other suggestions for distribution were: Crescent Beach General, Crescent Beach Cottages, Bell Island Museum, LaHave Bakery.   Jean McHarg will approach Sylvia Gunnery to determine if she would like to take on this fund-raising project. Since the Board meeting, Sharri has determined that the Bell Island Museum will take our hasty notes on consignment.  They will provide us $5.00 for each one sold; we are to check in with them through the summer for supply and results.  Sharri will make the arrangements with the Museum, complete required paperwork, and take a quantity of 10 to them for starters, unless there are objections.

Terry requested assistance in obtaining a map for the display at the up-coming Naturalist's AGM; this was resolved.

Terry Durnavich informed us she spoke with Paul Sampson, DOT, regarding update on a speed limit sign on Crescent Beach.  The report is attached.  All agreed this would be beneficial; and we were encouraged to contact Paul Sampson to thank them for their efforts and support this approach in hopes of expediting the process. 

Burpee Meisner requested suggestions from the Board members of two dates for a membership drive.  It was agreed that June 9, at the Beach Sweep, and July 28 were the dates he will proceed with.

Sharri Bush reported an additional $60.00 was received from Saltscapes magazine for subscription sales.  Also, she read correspondence from Saltscapes explaining the Community Spirit program is applicable to new subscription sales only-not renewals. So we must keep this in mind with respect to future sales.

Sharri also announced that she will not be re-offering for a Board position next year due to family commitments.

New Business

Karen and Peter reported that the grant was approved for the Old Shore Road brochure and that development of it is underway.  Also, Terry asked for copies of the affidavits with respect to the Shore Rd. from both Gordon Whynot and Doug Bell for our records.

Karen Dempsey reported we got a confirmation from Rosalind Penfound that the order was issued to the property owner adjacent to Sperry's beach requesting that they move the fence by March 31.  An extension was granted to the property owner when it was requested and the deadline is now June 1.  Peter Bell reported that the fence has not been moved, but rather the fence has recently been repaired.

Jean McHarg reported the Beach Sweep will take place on June 9 from 10 am to noon.  She has arranged for public service announcements with local media.  BBQ to follow at Jean McHarg's family cottage, Crescent Beach.

Terry Durnavich will contact appropriate person for availability of Petite Fire Hall for the Annual General Meeting.  It was agreed the dates of August 11 or August 18, 10 a.m. should be the choices.

Sharri agreed to form the nominating committee; she requested assistance, no offerings however.

Next meeting June 12,  2001 7:30 pm at Graham and Joyce Richards home.

Peter Bell moved the meeting be adjourned at 9:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Sharri Bush.