Apr 2001


Minutes of April 13, 2001 Board of Directors Meeting.

Held at the home of Graham and Joyce Richards, Crescent Beach.

In Attendance Regrets
Peter Bell Doug Bell
Karen Dempsey Sharri Bush
Terry Durnavich Neiff Joseph
Burpee Meisner Jean McHarg
Graham Richards John Nichols
Joyce Richards Gordon Prince
Jim Sewell Karen Reinhardt 
  Ron Reinhardt

Meeting called to order at 7:35 p.m.

Karen, moved to approve the Agenda with 2 additions, being Treasurer's Report and report on April 8th walk on Old Shore Road. Seconded by Burpee, all in favour and motion carried.

Jim Sewell moved to approve the Minutes of March 19th Board meeting, seconded by Peter Bell, motion carried.

Item 1/ from Business Arising; Karen Dempsey indicated she had been playing "phone tag" with Mr. Jackson and he had indicated that he was quite busy now that the House was back in session; may arrange meeting for later in May.

Karen further indicated that she was finally contacted by Roselind Penfound from the Land Administration Division in Halifax, who advised that David Himmelman was given notice to remove the fence by April 1st, 2001, however, he had asked for an extension and now has until June 1st, 2001 to do so. We have not received any written reply to any our letters in this regard, but Karen was contacted by telephone by Ms_____.

Item 2/ tentative date for the first Co-Management Committee meeting with DNR and DOT is scheduled for Wednesday, May 2nd, 2001 at 7:00 p.m. at the Provincial Building, Bridgewater. That date was confirmed by Karen Dempsey to me on April 10th and all Board Members have since been advised including Harold Adams.

Item 3/ deferred (Newsletter) as Karen Reinhardt not present.

However, Terry indicated that a piece on last years Beach Sweep is now redundant and we would like a piece on the upcoming one (June 9th), also advising that it will also be a social event, with a Barbeque being held at Jean McHarg's cottage afterwards; Burpee will prepare a piece on the Membership and we may well only now do one Newsletter, in order to include notice of the AGM, which we may decide on at the next Board Meeting.

Item 4/ deferred (By-Law Committee) as Karen Reinhardt not present.

Jim Sewell will also contact Karen Reinhardt about items for the Newsletter.

Item 5/ Terry Durnavich advised that she and Jean McHarg will co-ordinate the Beach Sweep this year and will contact Board members as needed.

Item 6/ Karen Dempsey was unable to find out about the liability insurance through RANS, but will do so; matter deferred.

Item 7/ Jim Sewell had the sketch of Crescent Beach; everyone looked at it and decided it is not suitable for framing. Jim will take it to the printer and obtain proof(s) and will bounce it off Terry D. We will move forward with production and a motion was made by Peter Bell to approve costs with the printer not to exceed Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($250.00), seconded by Burpee Meisner and carried. The cost of the sketch was $45.00 and Joyce Richards moved that we pay for the sketch, seconded by Peter Bell; secretary/treasurer will forward a cheque to Peggy Kochanoff in care of Harold Adams.

Item 8/ Terry invited Cst. Kakoni, the Community Policing Officer, to attend our next meeting. However, as she was obviously not in her right mind (again) when she set the date of May 15th, she will contact him and try to re-arrange it for our May 8th Board meeting; in fact as of the writing of these Minutes, she has contacted the R.C.M.P. office and Cst. Kakoni is out of town for 2 weeks and a message will reach him upon his return about re-scheduling. Hopefully, there will be no problem. He will be giving a 10-15 minute presentation on how we may deal with various issues involving the area, signage, etc. He was not previously aware of our organization until he had spoken with Terry D. and was pleased to know about us (brochures were left with is office) and hopefully, he will be able to assist us with respect to possible signage and other matters.

Item 9/ Karen Dempsey reported from Chris Gill that a copy of Doug Bell's Affidavit was delivered to DOT on April 10th by Chris. He indicated that apparently a land owner is vigorously pursuing the issue of ownership of a portion of the shore line through legal means and it was determined to assist DOT right away with any evidence the community could provide.

Chris Gill also asked the Board to assist with the transportation costs of the Marine Biologist that assisted on the April 8th hike on the Old Shore Road, being one Lise Chapman of Dalhousie University, who was apparently a very engaging speaker and much appreciated by everyone. Burpee said that the walk, which a great success, had 40 people attending, some from the South Shore Hiker's Club, as well as Burpee Meisner, Chris and others, including Laura Barkhouse, the Trail Coordinator for the Municipality. Burpee also indicated that he gave out about 20 brochures on the walk. Burpee moved that Friends subsidize Lise Chapman's transportation costs to a maximum of $50.00, Peter Bell seconded the motion and it was carried. At this writing, it should be noted that $30.00 was sent to Ms. Chapman, which is what she had suggested to Chris Gill and after discussion with Terry Durnavich, we agreed that as an appropriate amount.

Terry D. indicated she would like some assistance with the static display at the Naturalist's conference; Burpee and Jim both indicated they have maps; Terry plans to borrow a "body" from Barry Rofie to display our T-shirt.

Karen Dempsey mentioned that she spoke with Chris Gill after our last Board meeting and discussed input into the "list" he was going to prepare about a "do not" list we had talked about before for Crescent Beach, about our role in "policing" the beach, etc. It was suggested that we all attempt to jot down ideas about this.

Burpee Meisner discussed the question of our Society acquiring land or possibly approaching DNR/DOT about that question if land came up for sale in the vicinity of Crescent Beach. Brief discussion.

Terry gave the Treasurer's Report, attached.

We were about to adjourn the meeting when Graham Richards indicated he was to speak. He said that he felt the Board had not considered seriously enough his willingness to approach Michelin about obtaining funds from Michelin and is thinking about resigning because of it. After some discussion about the matter, we asked Graham to put this matter over to our next meeting, as it was very late (after 9:30 p.m.) and he agreed to do so.

Terry moved to adjourn, seconded by Karen, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by Terry Durnavich, April 13, 2001.