Mar 2001


Minutes of March 19, 2001 Board of Directors Meeting.

Held at the home of Graham and Joyce Richards, Crescent Beach.

In Attendance:

  • Doug Bell (to 8:30)
  • Sharri Bush
  • Karen Dempsey
  • Terry Durnavich
  • Jean McHarg
  • Burpee Meisner
  • Graham Richards
  • Joyce Richards
  • Pete West 
  • Guest: Chris Gill-Shore Rd. Committee


  • Neiff Joseph
  • John Nichols
  • Gordon Prince
  • Karen Reinhardt 
  • Ron Reinhardt
  • Jim Sewell

Meeting called to order by Chair, Karen Dempsey at 7:25 p.m.

List of agenda items for this meeting was reviewed. Karen Dempsey added Sperry's Beach Report to Business Arising from Old Business. Burpee Meisner requested time to make a report from the Membership Committee.

Errors were noted in the February 13 minutes as follows: member Jim White attended the liability workshop, not Karen Dempsey. Terry Durnavich motioned to approve the minutes of February 13, 2001 with the revision as noted above; seconded by Graham Richards. Motion carried unanimously.

Old Business:

Terry Durnavich reported that we received a letter from DNR's Gordon Adams, dated January 11, 2001, informing us that DNR has turned over our request for action at Sperry's Beach to Land Administration for action. There was discussion over what "action" means. Terry has followed up on Gordon Adams January 11th letter and has on two occasions sent correspondence to the Department of Land Administration, Halifax -- no response to date.

Chris Gill reported the grant has been applied for a brochure for the Old Shore Road. A draft of the proposed brochure will be approved by the Board before printing and distribution. A motion was made by Peter Bell to form a design committee, seconded by Terry Durnavich. Motion carried unanimously. A design committee was formed, including: Terry Durnavich, Doug Bell, Chris Gill and Pete West.

Doug Bell informed us he has completed an Affidavit of his knowledge of the Shore Road and that he intends to provide a copy to DOT in exchange for the nature and cope of claims being made by private land owners. Other copies will be in the hands of Doug Bell and the Chairman of the Old Shore Road Committee, Peter Bell.

Chris Gill informed us there will be a group walk on April 8 at 2 p.m. The committee is hoping to arrange for a marine biologist to do interpretation on the walk. Karen Dempsey suggested Leif Helmar, Dept of Environment, would be a good contact for a referral to a biologist. Chris also informed us he is networking with a group who is interested in the old "K" class roads in the Province.

Karen Dempsey reported that Jim White said, from the knowledge he gained at the Liability Workshop, we wouldn't be liable for accidents that may occur along the Old Shore Road during a hike even though we coordinated the event. The whole issue of liability was discussed and it was agreed we should pursue Director's Liability Insurance through membership with the Recreation Association of Nova Scotia. This was tabled to the next meeting as Karen Dempsey will bring application and membership details for review at the next meeting for a potential motion to join.

Karen Dempsey informed us Lloyd Jackson, Special Assistant to the Premier of Nova Scotia, has requested to meet with the Board to discuss our request to have the fence at Sperry's Beach moved. All members present recall Gordon Adams, on behalf of DNR, made a commitment to the Board to pursue the fence being moved as we requested. It was decided after much discussion we would be willing to meet with Mr. Jackson although subject to clarification of his intent which Karen Dempsey committed to pursuing.

Karen Dempsey reported from the Co-Management Committee DOT said if the "Friends" find a donator of rock and machinery to place rocks in vulnerable areas, all that would be necessary from them is a soil breaking permit. Sharri volunteered to ask Corkum Excavation if they would be interested in donating rock and equipment to place them where needed. There was discussion about the importance of the revetment (cribwork) and how it keeps people out of the dunes and traps sand. It was agreed that requesting a speed limit sign, 15 km per hour, is an urgent matter. As we require a meeting to get the co-management agreement finalized with the Provincial Depts. It was proposed that a meeting be arranged for either April 11th or 18th. Karen Dempsey will check with Judge John Nichols to determine his availability and arrange a date. All Board members were urged to call Paul Sampson regarding a speed limit sign.

Deferred report of Newsletter to the next meeting as Karen Reinhardt was not present. Several committee members expressed concern about the delay in production of the Newsletter.

By-Law Committee Update was deferred to the next meeting as Karen Reinhardt was not present.

Membership in the Coastal Communities Network was discussed. Materials were provided to Joyce and Graham Richards for review and consideration.

A copy of a letter from Harold Adams was provided to each Board member; it described several concerns with respect to liability, especially with respect to hiring a student. It was agreed that we need to establish Liability Insurance as discussed under #1, and determine if Workers Compensation, which Human Resource Canada, will pay for a student hired under their grant application, would be sufficient coverage. As such, planning should be with the year 2002 in mind to hire a student rather than this year.

Terry Durnavich reported that a thank you note was sent to Gordon Prince for his contribution of Website construction and obtaining a "domain" for the Friends.

Report on Hasty notes was deferred to the next meeting due to Jim Sewell's absence.

Burpee reported from the Membership Committee we have 240 members and he has targeted to have 300 members by the end of the Annual General Meeting. This will be accomplished by two membership drives: May 29-Victoria Day and July 14 (weather dependent of course). Also, Burpee will be placing membership applications on cars that park at the beach Burpee Meisner presented signs he proposed to place on the beach:
1. "Thank you for helping keep the beach clean"
2. "Please pick up your doggie poo"
After discussion it was agreed the thank you signs would be appropriately placed at the trash cans and the "Please pick up your doggie poo" will be placed at the site of dog feces that are not picked up by the owner. It was noted there is a regular offender of running two dogs on the beach daily and not picking up after them.

New Business:

There was a discussion as to whether or not we should provide a gift to Harold Adams for his on-going contribution of free legal advice. This was deferred to the next meeting while we consider the options, keeping in mind he has been made an honorary member.

Terry Durnavich reported that Moosehead Breweries is no longer the sponsor for Nova Scotia beach sweeps; however Clean Nova Scotia is requesting that organizations continue their beach sweeps on their own. June 9 is the date of the Crescent Beach Beach Sweep to be in keeping with the Environment Week. A coordinator is required for this year's event. Sharri suggested Lynn Ware who has suggested she would like to help out the friends with a project. Terry will check with her.

Karen Dempsey reported the South Shore Naturalists are hosting a meeting of the Nova Scotia Federation of Naturalists the weekend of June 1 - 3. With discussion it was agreed to be an advantage to the friends to set up a static display and have a representative at the event. Jean McHarg made a motion for the Friends to pay the $66.00 for Terry Durnavich to represent the Friends at this event and arrange a static display about the Friends. Seconded by Joyce Richards. Motion unanimously carried.

Next meeting April 10, 2001 at 7:30 pm at Graham and Joyce Richards' home.

Jean McHarg moved the meeting be adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Sharri Bush.