Feb 2001


Minutes of February 13, 2001 Board of Directors Meeting.

Held at the home of Graham and Joyce Richards, Crescent Beach. 

In Attendance:            

  • Doug Bell            

  • Peter Bell

  • Sharri Bush

  • Karen Dempsey

  • Terry Durnavich

  • Burpee Meisner

  • Graham Richards

  • Joyce Richards

  • Jim Sewell

  • Pete West


  • Neiff Joseph

  • Jean McHarg 

  • John Nichols 

  • Gordon Prince 

  • Karen Reinhardt

  • Ron Reinhardt     

Meeting called to order by Chair, Karen Dempsey at 7:30 pm. 

List of agenda items for this meeting was reviewed. Burpee Meisner made motion that the agenda items be accepted with the addition of three items, seconded by Terry Durnavich. Motion carried unanimously. 

A motion to approve the minutes as read of the December 12, 2000 meeting was made by Graham Richards, seconded by Doug Bell. Motion carried unanimously. 

Old Business:

Terry Durnavich reported that we received a letter from DNR's Gordon Adams, dated January 11, 2001, informing us that DNR has turned over our request for action at Sperry's Beach to Land Administration for action. There was discussion over what "action" means. Terry will follow up with the Department of Land Administration and/or DNR as required to determine what action is to take place. 

Karen Dempsey and Peter Bell provided and update of the Old Shore Road Committee and the request of that committee for the Board's permission that they may apply for a grant to obtain funds to produce a brochure for distribution among the local community. 

Motion made by Peter Bell to grant permission to the Old Shore Road Committee to apply for grant monies in an effort to produce a brochure about the Old Shore Road providing a draft of the proposed brochure is approved by the Board before printing and distribution. Seconded by Terry Durnavich. Motion carried unanimously. 

Doug Bell informed us he is completing an affidavit of his knowledge of the Old Shore Road dating back to 1812 and throughout his lifetime to present. Doug will provide the board with a copy of the affidavit for our records. 

Karen Dempsey informed us a meeting was held in January with DOT's Aubrey Martell, Trails Coordinator Laura Barkhouse, and Old Shore Rd. Committee members as a follow-up to the landowners meeting. The purpose was to ascertain what if any claims to land had been commenced by landowners. To date, no legal claims have been made. It was suggested that affidavit's of knowledge about the Old Shore Road may be helpful if claims are made. 

Doug Bell read some sections of the DOT Highway Act to familiarize us with its contents. 

Burpee Meisner reported he had contacted the Nature Trust to get some fund-raising ideas. Their annual corporate memberships are $100.00 per year versus individual membership fees of $25.00. Their biggest fund-raising event is an annual dinner for which they sell tickets to corporations, minimum of 10 each. They have speakers such as David Suzuki and Robert Bateman as the main attraction. Last year this event netted $30,000.00. Many speakers come with a high price tag; however, Robert Bateman (wildlife artist) speaks for no charge. 

Graham Richards informed us he contacted Michelin Tires Canada, Sandy Creighton, and we are invited to submit a business plan and project for consideration of donation funds. It was agreed we need to meet and firm up the Co-Management Agreement prior to making application for a project. Graham also informed us Human Resources Canada will provide 100% of costs to hire a summer student for non-profit organization projects. Some discussion about the possibility of hiring a student to be present at Crescent Beach this summer educating the public about preservation and protection. Graham and Joyce Richards are willing to work on this application but requested the assistance of others should it be determined to be feasible for this year. Terry Durnavich will contact Harold Adams to determine if liability should be concern and/or hinder our ability to hire a student. Deadline for application is March 31, 2001, for summer 2001. Karen Dempsey pointed out someone would have to be responsible for hiring and supervision of an employee. 

Burpee Meisner pointed out the damage to dune structure this winter and an approximate 20 foot wide span of sand that is very vulnerable. Sharri mentioned the idea of requesting local contractors (i.e. Greg Corkum, Fred Hirtle) to donate rocks they may have excavated from sites. Karen Dempsey to check with Department of Transportation if this is possible and okay with them. 

Deferred discussion of the newsletter to the next meeting, as Karen Reinhardt was not present. 

Terry Durnavich reported we received more correspondence from the Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, dated January 11, 2001, acknowledging our letter advocating preservation of Nova Scotia's lighthouses. 

Deferred report of By-Laws Committee to the next meeting as Karen Reinhardt was not present. 

New Business: 

Terry Durnavich raised her concern that a meeting was arranged by Old Shore Road Committee with DOT and other affiliates without notifying other committee members. Karen Dempsey and Peter Bell explained that there was a time constraint factor and that Chris Gill had notified she and Peter for permission to proceed. It was agreed this was a communication issue, no one was purposefully excluded. It was noted that in future all committee members be made aware of meetings, that they be sanctioned by the Board and that we should not be working independently. 

Jim Sewell informed us of opportunity to raise funds through hasty note production and sales. He has an artist from Windsor who is willing to do a pen and ink drawing at a cost of $60.00 - this could be auctioned off at the Annual General Meeting. Also, 1,000 hasty notes can be produced at a cost of $147.50. The Crescent Beach General and Petite Riviere Quick Mart have agreed to sell the notes on our behalf. It was agreed a fee of $1.00 per hasty note, packages of 5 for $5.00 could give us a good return. A motion was made by Jim Sewell to pursue the hasty notes fund-raising venture, seconded by Burpee Meisner. Motion carried unanimously. Jim agreed to pursue it. 

Paul Pross, Board representative from the Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy, arrived and presented to us the history and status of this KCC and their efforts to acquire and protect Gaff Point. He explained their affiliation with the Nova Scotia Nature Trust and Nature Conservancy of Canada. 

Jim Sewell, Terry Durnavich, Joyce Richards and Pete West all agreed to join Sharri Bush and become agents for the Saltscapes Magazine Community Partnership Fundraising program. Sharri advised that Gordon Prince had put a notice on our website at www.crescentbeach.ca. Sharri is to request Saltscapes Magazine send sales packages to each of the new agents. 

Peter Bell suggested a local artist, such as Shirley Cohrs, could be approached to donate a water color for an auction item. 

Discussion of membership in other organizations was deferred to next meeting. 

Karen Dempsey reported that Jim White attended a liability workshop facilitated by lawyer Mark Dempsey. 

Sharri Bush suggested a letter of thanks be sent to Gordon Prince for his effort and contribution enabling us to have our own web site. Terry Durnavich agreed to do. 

Karen Dempsey informed us she will not be re-offering for presidency as her Councilor duties do not permit her the time to do the job she would like. She will see her commitment through to the Annual General Meeting; however, suggested that Board members consider nominees for the election at the AGM. 

Next meeting March 13, 2001 at 7:30 pm at Graham and Joyce Richards home. Graham Richards moved the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Peter Bell. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Please direct corrections, omissions and comments to Gordon Prince.