Dec 2000


Minutes of 12 December, 2000, Board of Directors Meeting 

Held at home of Graham & Joyce Richards, Crescent Beach.  It was a dark and stormy night ...

In Attendance:

  • Doug Bell
  • Karen Dempsey
  • Terry Durnavich
  • Jean McHarg
  • Gordon Prince
  • Karen Reinhardt
  • Joyce Richards
  • Graham Richards
  • Jim Sewell


  • Sharri Bush
  • Peter Bell
  • Neiff Joseph
  • Burpee Meisner
  • John Nichols
  • Ron Reinhardt
  • Pete West

Meeting called to order by Chair, Karen Dempsey at 7:35 pm.

A motion to approve the minutes of the November 14, 2000, board meeting as presented was made.  Motion passed.

Terry Durnavich reported on the form letter response from DFO in response to FCBGBAS's letter concerning preservation of lighthouses.

Terry Durnavich reported on Harold Adams' recommendations on how to change By-Laws.  Jean McHarg moved that a By-Law Committee be formed, 2nd by Karen Reinhardt.  Motion passed.  Karen Reinhardt, Joyce Richards and Graham Richards agreed to serve on the committee.  Karen will also ask Pete West to serve on the committee.  The committee will try to have any amendments ready in time for proper notification and then voting at the 2001 Annual General Meeting.

A discussion of corporate memberships vs. solicitation of corporate donations concluded with a consensus to leave this topic until the Membership Committee reports back in February.  In the meantime, Graham Richards will feel out Michelin on this topic to see if they have policies that might be relevant to this topic.

Karen Dempsey presented Chris Gill's summary of the Nov 25th Green Bay to Broad Cove Shore Road land owner's meeting.  Gordon Prince moved to send a copy of Chris' summary report and Terry's detailed minutes to each attendee of the meeting.  2nd by Jean McHarg.  Motion passed.  Karen Dempsey & Doug Bell reported on the meeting that occurred this morning with NS DOT about the Green Bay to Broad Cove Shore Road.  Doug's view is that DOT clearly views the road as accessible to the public, they do not plan on selling the road and there is currently no legal action to change the status of the road pending.  DOT responded favorably to Doug's offer to provide one or more affidavits and/or depositions detailing historical use of the road.  Karen reported that the Green Bay to Broad Cove Shore Road committee has scheduled a hike of the road for 2:00pm, December 26, 2000.

Terry Durnavich reported on the Nov 22 meeting of the Crescent Beach Co-Management Committee meeting.  Gordon Prince moved that a draft Co-Management Agreement be created containing objectives but without specific implementation schedules or methods.  2nd by Jean McHarg.  Terry agreed to draft such an agreement and forward copies to Harold Adams and John Nichols.

Karen Reinhardt reported that the newsletter will not be ready until after mid-January.  Distributing copies via E-mail to members that we have E-mail addresses for (to save duplication and postage expenses) was discussed, but no decision was reached.

Terry Durnavich reported that the Income Tax return has been completed.  She also reported that she has received the opinion that FCBGBAS does not have to collect HST on tee shirts and other items we sell based on the fact that we have less than $50,000 per year of revenue.  We can still get refunds of half of the HST that we pay for tee shirts, however.

Jim Sewell agreed to look into the creation of hasty notes, with a pen & ink drawing of Crescent Beach on them, for sale as a fund raising project.

A discussion of the contents of the web site lead to the consensus that before additional information is posted to the web site, it should be reviewed by the board. The feeling was expressed that referential information only be posted to the web site, i.e., general outlines of activities that would then provide contact information for further details. Gordon Prince reported that he had purchased the domain name and would transfer the existing web site to that location in the next few days.

Karen Reinhardt moved that the meeting be adjourned.