Nov 2000


Minutes of 14 November, 2000, Board of Directors Meeting 

Home of Graham & Joyce Richards, Crescent Beach

In Attendance:

  • Sharri Bush
  • Karen Dempsey
  • Terry Durnavich
  • Jean McHarg
  • Burpee Meisner
  • Gordon Prince
  • Joyce Richards
  • Graham Richards
  • Pete West


  • Doug Bell
  • Peter Bell
  • Neiff Joseph
  • John Nichols
  • Karen Reinhardt
  • Ron Reinhardt
  • Jim Sewell

Meeting called to order by Chair, Karen Dempsey at 7:40 pm.

A motion to approve the minutes of the October 10, 2000, board meeting as presented was made by Burpee Meisner.  2nd by Terry Durnavich.  Motion passed.

Terry Durnavich presented the Treasurer's report.

Burpee Meisner reported on tee shirt sales, membership renewals and new members.  A discussion of additional membership levels followed, including the option of selling corporate and lifetime memberships.  The membership committee will develop additional ideas in these areas and report back to the board.

The legal services Harold Adams has donated to FCBGBAS was discussed.  A consensus developed that he should be granted free membership in exchange for his services.

A letter from Gordon Adams, Regional Resource Manager for Nova Scotia Natural Resources was discussed.

Terry Durnavich reported that a meeting of the Crescent Beach Co-management Committee has been scheduled for Nov 22nd at her house.  The purpose of the meeting is to develop an agenda to take to the meeting with NS DNR.

Terry Durnavich reported that NS Sport and Recreation had responded to our letter and had removed the Green Bay to Broad Cove trail information from their web site.

The scheduled meeting between the Green Bay to Broad Cove Trail Committee and the landowners along the trail was discussed.  It is to be held Saturday, November 25th at 10:30am in the West Dublin Hall.  A motion to advertise the meeting in the Bulletin was made by Jean McHarg and 2nd by Sharri Bush.  Motion passed.  Terry Durnavich reported letters from two landowners -- Mildred Hirtle and Grace Nauss -- indicated they would be attending.

As Karen Reinhardt was not at the meeting, a decision was made to postpone finalizing plans for a newsletter until the December board meeting.

Burpee reported that Jim Sewell has developed an advertisement for selling tee shirts.

Terry Durnavich touched on some of the complexities relating to HST on FCBGBAS activities and how taxability can be affected by whether or activities are "carried on as a business".  A discussion followed but no clear action recommendations were developed.

Public access to the FCBGBAS web site developed by Gordon Prince was discussed.  Sharri Bush moved that the minutes be kept private via a password so that only the Board can access them.  2nd by Jean McHarg.  Motion passed.

Karen Dempsey reported she thought a representative from the Kingsburg land trust would be able to attend the Dec 12 board meeting to explain how their experiences in establishing a co-management agreement with the provincial government.

Karen Dempsey reported on a meeting of the Champlain 2004 committee that she had attended.

Terry Durnavich moved that the meeting be adjourned.