Oct 2000


Minutes of 10 October, 2000, Board of Directors Meeting 

Home of Graham & Joyce Richards, Crescent Beach

In Attendance:

  • Karen Reinhardt
  • Joyce Richards
  • Pete West
  • Peter Bell
  • Ron Reinhardt
  • Graham Richards
  • Doug Bell
  • Terry Durnavich
  • Burpee Meisner
  • Karen Dempsey
  • Jim Sewell
  • Sharri Bush
  • John Nichols
  • Gordon Prince


  • Neiff Joseph
  • Jean McHarg

Meeting called to order by Chair, Karen Dempsey at 7:35 pm.

A motion to approve the minutes of the 12 September, 2000, board meeting as presented was made by John Nichols.  2nd by Burpee Meisner.  Motion passed.

Terry Durnavich read the draft of the letter to Province asking that the web site  www.trails.gov.ns.ca/hiking/countin/lunplain.html be temporarily removed (per the motion from the AGM).  As there were no changes suggested, Karen Dempsey said she would send the letter.

Terry Durnavich presented a Treasurer's Report.  The highlights of which were:

  • Balance at time of AGM - $673
  • $935 in tee shirt sales
  • Membership dues $1,608
  • less cost of tee shirts ($702)
  • Current balance $904

A motion to approve the report as presented was made by Terry Durnavich, 2nd by Joyce Richards.  Motion passed.

Terry Durnavich reported that Mark Stewart of Lyle Tilley Davidson in Bridgewater had agreed to prepare tax returns gratis.

A copy of a letter to Joe Laird from several Wolf Island residents was discussed.  Issues included public use of privately owned land and disruption of Wolf Island residents' privacy.

A letter from Lynn Ware about a speed limit on Crescent Beach was read by Sharri Bush.  A discussion of the current lack of posted speed limit signs and reminiscences about what former speed limit signage followed.  A motion that FCBGBAS write DOT requesting new speed limit signs be posted on Crescent Beach as they had been in the past was made by John Nichols, 2nd by Peter Bell.  Motion passed.

Sharri Bush proposed that FCBGBAS apply for "Community Spirit" status with Saltscapes magazine as a fund raising effort, especially for Christmas gift subscriptions.  A consensus agreed that she should apply.

Sharri Bush informed the meeting of the Maritime Important Bird Area Program.  A discussion of several organizations' potential for developing or participating in the management of Crescent Beach followed.  Terry Durnavich agreed to talk with Shirley Cohrs about the NS Bird Association's interest in this topic and report back to FCBGBAS.

Bill S21 (preservation of lighthouses) was discussed.  A motion that FCBGBAS write a letter in support of the preservation of lighthouses was made by Terry Durnavich, 2nd by Graham Richards.  Motion passed.

Burpee Meisner reported that FCBGBAS now has 237 active members.  He plans to increase membership to 300 by August of 2001.

Jim Sewell led a discussion about FCBGBAS advertising tee shirt sales.  Burpee Meisner moved that FCBGBAS allow he & Jim to spend up to $40 for that purpose, although they will attempt to obtain free advertising.  2nd by Terry Durnavich.  Motion passed.

Gordon Adams, Regional Resource Manager, NS Department of Natural Resources presented his views on the recently constructed fence at Sperry's Beach.  After listening to several FCBGBAS speakers, he confirmed he will write the Himmelmans asking that they remove the fence from DNR's property.  

  • Some discussion of the ramifications of designating crown land as C3 followed, especially about hunting on C3 land (Gordon Adams view was that C3 status didn't affect existing hunting rights).  
  • Gordon Adams agreed to look into posting speed limit signs on Crescent Beach if FCBGBAS would make a written request to him to do so.
  • Gordon Adams agreed to inform FCBGBAS of development plans and/or permits that would affect the interests of FCBGBAS as he understood them.

Peter Bell provided a review of activity by the Green Bay to Broad Cove Trail Committee.  The meeting with the property owners has not been scheduled, but is being planned for November at the IOOF hall in Petite Riviere.  He and Chris Gill will check the Land Information Center to get a more complete list of property owners.  John Nichols moved that the Committee continue its work to arrange the meeting.  2nd by Peter Bell.  Motion passed.

Karen Reinhardt reported that she plans to have a FCBGBAS newsletter ready for November 22 publication.  The deadline for submissions will be November 10.

Peter Bell reported that he toured several councilors around Cape LaHave.

Doug Bell reported that he had located a Birch Point to Green Point map.

Graham Richards moved that the meeting be adjourned.