Sep 2000


Minutes of 12 September,  2000, Board of Directors Meeting 

Home of Graham & Joyce Richards, Crescent Beach

In Attendance:

  • Joyce Richards
  • Pete West
  • Peter Bell
  • Ron Reinhardt
  • Graham Richards
  • Doug Bell
  • Terry Durnavich
  • Jean McHarg
  • Neiff Joseph
  • Burpee Meisner
  • Karen Dempsey
  • Jim Sewell
  • Sharri Bush
  • John Nichols
  • Gordon Prince


  • Karen Reinhardt

Meeting called to order by Chair, Karen Dempsey at 7:35 pm.

Board members introduced themselves to each other and briefly discussed their interests in being involved with the Friends.

Gordon Prince volunteered to serve as "Minute Taker" with the proviso that he will be unable to continue past early January in that capacity.

Election of Executive

  • Karen Dempsey, Chair.  Nominated by Terry Durnavich, 2nd by Jean McHarg. Elected.
  • Jim Sewell, Vice-Chair.  Elected.
  • Terry Durnavich, Secretary-Treasurer.  Nominated by John Nichols, 2nd by Burpee Meisner.  Elected.

A motion to approve the minutes of the 20 June, 2000, board meeting as presented was made by John Nichols.  2nd by Burpee Meisner.  Motion passed.

A motion to schedule future board meetings for the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm, subject to change for winter weather months, was made by Gordon Prince.  2nd by Ron Reinhardt.  Motion passed.  Graham & Joyce Richards agreed to continue hosting the meetings. 

Co-management of Crescent Beach Committee:

  • Karen Dempsey provided background to the board members on how the committee came into existence, recent work by the committee and the mandate from the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the committee to continue working to pursue a Co-management agreement with the Province of Nova Scotia.
  • Karen Dempsey, Sharri Bush, Jean McHarg, Peter Bell, John Nichols, Burpee Meisner volunteered to remain on the committee. Terry Durnavich and Gordon Prince volunteered to serve on the committee as new committee members.
  • Terry Durnavich advised Friends (see memo of 15 August 2000) that Paul Sampson stated DNR may not be able to help much on the guardrails near parking areas due to budget constraints and that Aubrey Martel may provide a more fruitful channel for this topic.  (Also see memo attached to meeting Agenda).
  • The issue of construction a second "Doggie Poo Bag Dispenser" at the eastern end of the beach (similar to the current dispenser at the western entrance to the beach) was discussed.  Pete West agreed to build another dispenser and get it operational.

Trail Committee:

  • Chris Gill, John MacLean, Terry Durnavich, Burpee Meisner, Peter Bell and Karen Reinhardt volunteered to serve on the committee.
  • A motion to continue work on development of a hiking trail from Green Bay to Broad Cove was made by Peter Bell, 2nd by Sharri Bush.  Motion passed.
  • A motion to write a letter to Sport Nova Scotia asking them to remove the Green Bay to Broad Cover hiking trail from their web site (per the motion from the AGM) was made by John Nichols, 2nd by Jean McHarg.  Motion passed.  Terry Durnavich will write the letter.
  • Membership in the NS Trail Federation was discussed.  Terry Durnavich provided literature on Guidelines for Trail Types from the NS Trail Federation.  Members decided to not pursue membership at the present time as the Friends are not involved in actually developing any trails, but rather are only working to promote existing trails and public access.  Several board members also requested additional time to study the NSTF literature.  Terry agreed to discuss NS Trail Federation member further with Trail Committee members.
  • The motion from the AGM that a meeting be held with the Trail Committee and land owners along the Green Bay to Broad Cove trail was discussed.  Neiff Joseph agreed to contact as many land owners as possible about the meeting.  Peter Bell agreed to contact Chris Gill about the meeting.  Both agreed to report back to the board on the meeting's format and date.

Sperry's Beach:

  • Karen Dempsey informed the Board that Gordon Adams (Department of Natural Resources Manager) had responded to her letter to him and appeared to be available to attend the next board meeting.
  • Doug Bell provided historical background information on 
    • the use of Sperry's Beach
    • public access to the beach
    • where the road along the coast was
    • which buildings were on the road and 
    • the fact that the buildings along the water side of the road were built above the water, not on dry land.
  • John Nichols agreed to continue working on a letter to David Himmelman.

The recent meeting in Bridgewater to obtain input from interested parties on the upcoming classification of Crown Lands was discussed.  A motion to submit a request to reclassify Crown Lands in the LaHave Islands as C3 was made by Sharri Bush, 2nd by Jean McHarg.  Doug Bell offered an amendment to include the Sperry Salt Marsh in the request.  Motion passed.  Karen Dempsey will submit the written request.

Burpee Meisner reported on the results of the Aug 26 membership drive at Crescent Beach.

  • 15 new members were signed up (11 family, 4 individual) raising $67
  • 16 T-shirts were sold and orders for 20 more were received raising $612

Terry Durnavich reported that she would like knowledgeable assistance in preparing the FCBGBAS income tax return.  Neiff Joseph agreed to ask a friend of his to help with this.

The topic of setting up a speaker from the Kingsburg Land Trust was tabled due to the fullness of the FCBGBAS's agenda in the near future.

The issue of creating and distributing a newsletter was tabled until the next meeting.

A discussion of additional recognition of the continuing efforts of Nita Eisenhauer to keep Crescent Beach clean took place.

Sharri Bush presented information on pesticide use.

A motion to adjourn was made by Peter Bell, 2nd by Gordon Prince.  Motion passed.